Are you wondering about the best solution for your next kitchen?

Our guide proposes to enlighten you on the differences and the advantages of each type of cooking. No more hesitation while comparing! You can always check various kitchen furniture design, with the help of the internet. Let’s avoid the war of the kit / the made to measure, its better” and let’s say it right away when it comes to cooking, there is no single or ideal solution. The right choice is the one that corresponds to his desires, his budget and his way of life. Basically, if you are looking for the price first and you are ready to make concessions on the variety of the offer or installation by specialists, then the kit option can be the right one. If in another perspective, you want a kitchen made for you, which does not look like any other, then the custom is for you.

Modern fitted kitchen green color mat

Another option is the standard kitchen, which, as its name suggests, offers models that can be of good quality, but which will not necessarily fit 100% to your needs.

From the idea to the kitchen project

Going through a DIY store or general kitchen offering kit kitchens means that you will have to manage your project alone. Some brands offer a lot of help, but these benefits may be paying. In tailor made, a designer accompanies you from the definition of the project to its realization and remains your unique interlocutor. In addition, a professional installer will take charge of the installation and installation of your kitchen.

The kitchen kit

The kitchen kit is, as implied by its name, composed of furniture to assemble by the concerned person and in a range of dimensions, colors and finishes often reduced. It is therefore more of an entry level product, because this rationalization of the supply makes it possible to lower costs. When the furniture is delivered assembled, or said factory assembled, it is called standard kitchen, or custom.

The standard kitchen

In the first case, the size of the boxes remains standardized in height, width and depth, although it is sometimes possible to find several dimensions in the catalog. As a result, the standard offer does not know how to adapt to constrained spaces such as for a kitchen under a slope or wall to wall. It is mandatory to use planning “tips” to hide lost spaces (unsightly spinners) and storage capacities are reduced. Finally, the work plans allow little freedom of cutting.

The custom kitchen

For its part, the custom made allows all possible variations and adapts to all parts, constraints and technical difficulties. The furniture being adapted to the millimeter, one avoids any loss of place, one optimizes the space. Schmidt stands out especially in the three dimensional custom   ergonomic heights, width to the millimeter and a wide choice of depths.

How to Improve Lighting and Insulation in Your Basement

If you want your basement to be more functional, you can add insulation and better lighting to improve this part of your home. When planning to remodel your basement, make sure that you take into consideration adding more light and an insulation system so that you can make this area more comfortable for your family and guests. Here are some tips on how you can improve lighting and insulation for your basement.

Giving light to your basement

Choosing colors for your basement

In the home improvement process, you should want to appear more bright, cool and relaxed to your basement. So you should consider using a light colored paint. This is one way of emphasizing light sources, even if it is just a small amount of light, such as a lamp or light from a small window. Bright colors can instantly give your basement light and brighten it up.

Add more lights

You can use any number of lights for your basement. This would help to give the feel of different natural light sources inside the room. To highlight some elements found inside your basement, you can use a spotlight. Spotlights can add drama to your basement. Using spotlights can also eliminate the shadows forming in the corner of your basement so you get the illusion of light and space.

Insulation for your basement

Insulation for basement walls

There are actually two layers of walls in your basement. One layer is your foundation wall and another wall that should be one to two inches away from the first wall. In between that, a vapor barrier should be present. This is attached with a drainage system to help your basement be free of leaks as well as to prevent moisture from seeping into your basement.

Insulation for your basement ceiling

You can also opt for your basement ceiling to have an insulation system of its own. This would help to insulate the room and can also help contain noise within the basement. This is a good idea when you are using your basement as an entertainment area.

Check for leaks and moisture

If you have your insulation boards ready to be installed in your walls and ceiling, make sure that you check for leaks and any presence of moisture. Fix these problems before you install your insulation system to prevent bigger problems at a later time.

Seal band joists

Keep an eye on band joists and seal them. This would prevent the air and moisture from seeping in the wall joints. In addition to protecting the insulation system, this also keeps the plumbing and electrical system free from damage.

Follow these simple steps on lighting and insulation, and you will be on your way to having a better basement.

The Right News for the Right Water Damage

When it comes to fire insurance and home theft, we do not give too much weight to other ancillary guarantees. Among these is the guarantee against water damage, which is often excluded but which is the most frequent problem and the most common fear in the collective imagination.

Water damage guarantee: what it is and how it works

The damage caused by running water, that is the breaking of the water and heating systems at the service of the building, is the recurrent fear of any homeowner or tenant. It is an event that causes strong stress and, above all, greatly affects the pockets of the family budget.

The statistics say that over a million homes have been hit by flooding due to plant breakdowns, with an average repair cost of over 2000 euros. It is therefore really very useful to have an insurance policy with this guarantee.

The water damage policy includes the following cases:

  • Failure or accidental breakage of downpipes and gutters , water systems and air conditioning / heating to service the building;
  • Occlusion of water and air conditioning / heating systems at the service of the building or from regurgitation and overflow of the sewage system;
  • Frost of water and air conditioning / heating systems for the building;
  • Water damage is very insidious and burdensome because in addition to affecting our home, it could involve other nearby houses (which often happen in a condominium).

In this case, in addition to having to look for the fault and repair the damage caused by the leakage of water in our apartment, we will also have to compensate the damage caused to the owner of the other apartment concerned. With the Water damage service this is a very important part.

Water damage guarantee: the seclusions

Not all water damage is included in the house insurance: for example, damage from moisture or infiltration due to poor roof maintenance is excluded. It is often thought that humidity is necessarily water damage to the building, or that the external pipeline being always owned by us is entitled to the same treatment as that placed inside. Unfortunately it is not so and it is important to be aware of it.

Another exclusion   operating for the Water Damage Guarantee is the one relating to the interventions that the Insured must face, that is the demolition and repair of the parts of the building to search for the fault. There is another warranty that falls under the section “Water Damage”, which should always be activated, i.e. the one relating to ” Search and Repair Expenses ” which reimburses the costs incurred to repair and replace damaged pipes in walls or in the floors and to demolish and rebuild the parts of the building involved.

Water damage guarantee: some examples                

A pipe breaks in the wall of the bathroom. The “Water Damage” guarantee will refund the repainting of the walls. The “Search and Repair Expenses” guarantee will refund the demolition of the wall (and its reconstruction) to look for the fault. This is why its guarantees must travel together for adequate coverage.

No air conditioning or only weak

Decreased efficiency or complete cooling failure is the most common condition of the air conditioning system and in most cases there is a lack of cooling medium. It is a compound of fluorine, carbon and hydrogen. Unlike the previously used R12 medium, it does not contain chlorine and does not damage the ozone layer. Since the system is operating at relatively high pressures of around 20 bar, the new car delivers little refrigerant leakage through hose material, seals and compressor (it can reach up to 30% per year on the new car), after years of operation microscopic cracks in the capacitor itself is evident. If there is no mechanical damage to the system (for example in an accident), it takes several years during which the air conditioner is operating normally, but with a significant refrigerant leak, the efficiency of the air conditioning is reduced, and when the pressure drops below a certain level, the control electronics will no longer allow the compressor to run so it becomes inoperative. In order to know more about Air conditioning repairs Geelong, one can always seek help from online.

Label with data on the quantity and specification of the coolant and oil for the compressor

The cooling medium also carries vital lubricating oil for the compressor, which, in its absence, can withstand. Now you practically have nothing left to do but visit a service that will also advise on maintenance of air conditioning. They are equipped with so called fillers, which, after being connected to the air conditioning system of the car, first vacuum the remaining refrigerant, then a vacuum test are carried out, whereby greater leaks should be shown. If the system maintains a vacuum for a set period of time, the refill is filled with coolant, compressor oil and possibly a substance that reveals leaks under the UV light in the system. Each car has an exact amount of coolant and oil to be in the system.

Connector for filling the air conditioning system

Coolant refills and the associated service will most likely cost you from 500 to 1,000. Serious company will not charge you the entire amount of refrigerant contained in the system but only the missing part, as it is recyclable, and after the work is done it will also perform low pressure and high pressure diagnostics and air conditioning output measurement. As mentioned above, a defective compressor may also become a malfunctioning air conditioner. With a well functioning air conditioner, it can be heard quite clearly in older cars (up to the year of production in 2004) when the engine is started, how the compressor clutch clicks on when the engine is engaged, at the same time increasing the idling speed.

Air conditioning smells

As far as the ventilation system is concerned, when the air conditioner is turned on, it is a bacteria and fungus that is deposited in the evaporator. They will help you in the service and disinfect the entire system with a special spray. Cleaning can also be done by self help and goes out to several hundred. Due to the high dustiness that is on our roads, the workshop recommends to replace at least every two years the cabin (saw) filter that cleans the air coming into the ventilation system. Even this can be done by self help, and it is a matter of several hundred.