Are you wondering about the best solution for your next kitchen?

Our guide proposes to enlighten you on the differences and the advantages of each type of cooking. No more hesitation while comparing! You can always check various kitchen furniture design, with the help of the internet. Let’s avoid the war of the kit / the made to measure, its better” and let’s say it right away when it comes to cooking, there is no single or ideal solution. The right choice is the one that corresponds to his desires, his budget and his way of life. Basically, if you are looking for the price first and you are ready to make concessions on the variety of the offer or installation by specialists, then the kit option can be the right one. If in another perspective, you want a kitchen made for you, which does not look like any other, then the custom is for you.

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Another option is the standard kitchen, which, as its name suggests, offers models that can be of good quality, but which will not necessarily fit 100% to your needs.

From the idea to the kitchen project

Going through a DIY store or general kitchen offering kit kitchens means that you will have to manage your project alone. Some brands offer a lot of help, but these benefits may be paying. In tailor made, a designer accompanies you from the definition of the project to its realization and remains your unique interlocutor. In addition, a professional installer will take charge of the installation and installation of your kitchen.

The kitchen kit

The kitchen kit is, as implied by its name, composed of furniture to assemble by the concerned person and in a range of dimensions, colors and finishes often reduced. It is therefore more of an entry level product, because this rationalization of the supply makes it possible to lower costs. When the furniture is delivered assembled, or said factory assembled, it is called standard kitchen, or custom.

The standard kitchen

In the first case, the size of the boxes remains standardized in height, width and depth, although it is sometimes possible to find several dimensions in the catalog. As a result, the standard offer does not know how to adapt to constrained spaces such as for a kitchen under a slope or wall to wall. It is mandatory to use planning “tips” to hide lost spaces (unsightly spinners) and storage capacities are reduced. Finally, the work plans allow little freedom of cutting.

The custom kitchen

For its part, the custom made allows all possible variations and adapts to all parts, constraints and technical difficulties. The furniture being adapted to the millimeter, one avoids any loss of place, one optimizes the space. Schmidt stands out especially in the three dimensional custom   ergonomic heights, width to the millimeter and a wide choice of depths.

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