The Right News for the Right Water Damage

When it comes to fire insurance and home theft, we do not give too much weight to other ancillary guarantees. Among these is the guarantee against water damage, which is often excluded but which is the most frequent problem and the most common fear in the collective imagination.

Water damage guarantee: what it is and how it works

The damage caused by running water, that is the breaking of the water and heating systems at the service of the building, is the recurrent fear of any homeowner or tenant. It is an event that causes strong stress and, above all, greatly affects the pockets of the family budget.

The statistics say that over a million homes have been hit by flooding due to plant breakdowns, with an average repair cost of over 2000 euros. It is therefore really very useful to have an insurance policy with this guarantee.

The water damage policy includes the following cases:

  • Failure or accidental breakage of downpipes and gutters , water systems and air conditioning / heating to service the building;
  • Occlusion of water and air conditioning / heating systems at the service of the building or from regurgitation and overflow of the sewage system;
  • Frost of water and air conditioning / heating systems for the building;
  • Water damage is very insidious and burdensome because in addition to affecting our home, it could involve other nearby houses (which often happen in a condominium).

In this case, in addition to having to look for the fault and repair the damage caused by the leakage of water in our apartment, we will also have to compensate the damage caused to the owner of the other apartment concerned. With the Water damage service this is a very important part.

Water damage guarantee: the seclusions

Not all water damage is included in the house insurance: for example, damage from moisture or infiltration due to poor roof maintenance is excluded. It is often thought that humidity is necessarily water damage to the building, or that the external pipeline being always owned by us is entitled to the same treatment as that placed inside. Unfortunately it is not so and it is important to be aware of it.

Another exclusion   operating for the Water Damage Guarantee is the one relating to the interventions that the Insured must face, that is the demolition and repair of the parts of the building to search for the fault. There is another warranty that falls under the section “Water Damage”, which should always be activated, i.e. the one relating to ” Search and Repair Expenses ” which reimburses the costs incurred to repair and replace damaged pipes in walls or in the floors and to demolish and rebuild the parts of the building involved.

Water damage guarantee: some examples                

A pipe breaks in the wall of the bathroom. The “Water Damage” guarantee will refund the repainting of the walls. The “Search and Repair Expenses” guarantee will refund the demolition of the wall (and its reconstruction) to look for the fault. This is why its guarantees must travel together for adequate coverage.

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